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15 oct 2017
SUSAS this CONNECTION The silo of 80000 tons and surrounding public open space

SUSAS is opening today, the Shanghai urban space art fair, #Architecture and Society# all this new place show the revolution to the combination of the beginning of the modern city, the selection incorporates the works of architecture, and urban planners currently engaged in this production. It is very impressing , and I have seen the brief introduction of future projects in Shanghai, 


11 oct 2017
SONSARA – Céleste Boursier MOUGENOT’ s expo in Mingsheng Art MuSeum

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot’s Expo Through the combined use of sound, moving images, and landscapes, the artist prompts the viewer to contemplate the world after humans, as well as the way human and non-human beings interact with one another. The installations are in dialogue with its environment: the architectural space that hosts it, further prompting the audience to engage spiritually, mentally, and aesthetically with concepts of continuity, consciousness, movement, sound, and life.

展览的外文标题SONSARA(生声不息)是由 “Son”和“Samsara”组合而成的概念。Son是法语“声音”的意思,即可以通过耳朵感知到的听觉。Samsara,“依业轮回”,是表示生命流转循环的意思。它的词义包含了人类生前的过去以及死后的永生,每一现实生命,都是秉承过去生命继续而来。故此SONSARA正是中文题目所试图表达的,生命不息,声响不止,另一方面,也是对于展览现场螺旋形场地的暗喻。


10 oct 2017
2017 photofaire Shanghai the most international fair to Date

“PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai is the most important and prestigious gateway for collectors and enthusiasts in Asia to embrace this dynamic medium in art. Highly visual and conceptual, PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai is joined by the best international galleries and artists – going to the fair is a fantastic experience,” says Lu Xun, Art collector and Director of Sifang Art Museum, China.


09 oct 2017
10.07.2017 the first day of my internship in SH

Founded in 1965 by a team of architects and engineers, AIA Associés is today a major multi-disciplinary consultancy company, providing a full range of combined expertise and services in architecture, engineering as well as in project management, urban planning and sustainable development.

With its strong track record of international references in varied markets, such as healthcare, hospitality, office, sports, residential, industry… AIA Associés is recognized for the design of inspired, innovative and its high quality facilities.

AIA Associés maintains several offices in France (the main offices are in Paris, Nantes and Lyon). Since 2012, by creating branches in Shanghai and Beijing, AIA Associés has been active in varied projects on the Chinese market with its innovative vision of architecture.

法国AIA Associés建筑工程联合设计集团成立于1965年,创始团队为几位建筑师和工程师,历经五十年的发展壮大,如今的法国AIA可以为其客户提供建筑设计、工程设计、项目管理、城市规划以及绿色建筑方面的高品质综合服务。