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10 oct 2017
04 oct 2017
Ich spreche nicht Deutsch

It means “I don’t speak german” and believe me, I use it everyday. From groceries store to bakeries. 

Me at the groceries store when the employee talks to me. 

It was one of the best day of my life when my agency contacted and offered me an UX Intern job at Munch, WITH NO GERMAN requiered. You understood : I speak only English or French (!) at my agency but no German. 

It is written in my Curriculum Vitae : German, working knowledge. Well, I learnt in Highschool but y’know what that means.

However, I deeply think that if you speak well english, you will have no problem in Munich. German people are joyful and speak fluently english. You feel that they are used to speak to foreigners everyday. 

Even in my flatshare, we are three french and two german. Well, everyone speaks english. 

My father wanted me to have some german courses before going to Munich.
I refused. I am writing this here because he will not see it : HE WAS RIGHT.

Careful : it is not essential. However I deeply think that you will be more confident. I regret that I did not take this 4/5 talking lessons. But shit happens imaright. It’s been two weeks since I arrived and I am happy. Great city, very nice people, great weather (sometimes). 

I will go to Salzburg this weekend, can’t wait to be there ! 

Tchüss 0/