Personal blogs from abroad students at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique
14 déc 2016
Huskies and Kaamos

Yesterday two of my friends and I went on a husky safari and there are no words to describe it, it was simply amazing. Not only did I have the chance to drive a husky sledge but I also saw some stunning landscapes and lights. We got the chance to have…


08 nov 2016
Arctic Inspiration

Walking on a river
This last week, I went on an excursion called « arctic inspiration ». It was one of my classes and the point was to understand the arctic culture and experience it. We went to Aska, near Sodankylä in Lapland. It is a wonderful remote…


06 nov 2016
Winter has arrived

Winter has arrived… After few monts of waiting, it is finally here ! We are the 6th of November and even though snow is quite late for Lapland this year, it is finally here. I was not expecting it anymore since it was predicted few weeks ago and it…


17 sept 2016
Ranua Zoo

An afternoon at the Ranua Zoo. Anyone who has visited Rovaniemi recommended Ranua Zoo. Through DAS, who we rent our apartments from, we were offered an amazing deal for 5€! The only catch, we had to bike to the university at 7:30 am to get the tickets….


13 sept 2016
First weeks

It’s been nearly a month since I arrived here in Rovaniemi, I should have started earlier but things are crazy here ! I’m always busy and I didn’t really find the time to write until now. It’s been two weeks and a half since I started class, and I met…