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06 oct 2017
Réalité Virtuelle

Je vous présente mon espace de travail, l’ambiance est vraiment sympa. J’ai mon matériel à disposition : Mon PC, un autre ordinateur, l’Oculus Rift + Touch.


First week of school: done

Tuesday, 1pm-4:10pm, character design class. Choose an illustration and try to imitate it. 3 classes to complete the assignment. The type of class I’ve always dreamed of having.

Wednesday, 1pm-4:10pm, web design class. Presentation of the objectives and defining creative coding and web design, jokes by one of the teachers (I had no idea what he was saying but the way he sounded while joking around was fun, eh). First little exercise, create a logo for yourself and explain your choices.

Thursday, 1pm-5:50pm +Friday, same hours: Game app project using augmented reality. First two classes, come up with 3 ideas for a mobile AR game. Going back to all of the good old research processes, what’s already out there, brainstorming, doodling things that pop in mind, etc.

I was told that I was taking quite a lot of classes, but I’ll be fine, it all sounds like fun and challenges.

The other challenge is to understand what is going on at all times, all classes are taught in Japanese. Fortunately, there’s always one or two people able to speak some English, and talking with gestures is also very nice.

They told me imagination was going to be the key to my understanding.