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07 août 2017
Fanghmir tui in..@_@

Vawiin ah fanghmir ho in tui an in a. An mei lamah a inkhawl a,a inkhawl velah an mawng chu a rawn puar vak a.An mawng chu tuia a khah vangin a inzawm lo a. A then lai a in phel a.a in phel na lai chu a thil fim langtlang thei in a zawm a,tui an khawl chu a hmuh theih a ni.a mak k t hle….


Guidelines To Help You Turn Into A Head

You now have lots of the resources at your fingertips to be a wonderful head. These guidelines have been supplied by professionals from the discipline, those who have observed success and people who know what must be done to achieve greatness. Utilize them intelligent…