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13 fév 2017
Time For A Fic Giveaway!




Whoa!! I totally missed hitting 1k followers!

Thanks so much for everyone feeling the need to follow me!

I’m announcing a GIVEAWAY in celebration!!


You have to be following me AND

Be over 18 AND

Be able to privately communicate with me on Tumblr ie. messaging.

What can you win?! A fic, written by me in a TIMELY fashion (within a couple of weeks), for any fandom/any pairing. You tell me what to write, the plot, the ship, and kinks, etc, and I write it. Fic will be at least 2k words. I reserve the right to decline any squicks (shota, rape) but we can negotiate.

Reblog to enter.

I will choose a randomly selected username from the reblogs on February 14th.

Remember!! You have to reblog to enter and have messaging enabled so we can privately discuss what you want your fic to be about. I will be randomly selecting a winner on Valentine’s Day!!!

Entries will close Monday at midnight and this is the last time I will reblog this. If you haven’t reblogged to enter, do so now! You can win a fic written by me that can literally include almost anything- any kink, any pairing, any fandom, etc.

Make sure you can abide by all the rules before you enter, though No one under 18 and you must be following me and be able to privately communicate with me.